What is Energy Healing Therapy?

Energy Healing . HandsEH5Therapeutic Energy Healing is a holistic therapy that treats the whole person rather than just the symptoms and so is able to work with each of the various aspects of what it means to be human, such as, feelings & emotions like stress & anxiety, the physical body, thoughts & beliefs, our relationship with others, spiritual growth and awakening to our true nature. Through this process Energy Healing Therapy is able to facilitate health, happiness, balance and fulfillment.

Therapeutic Energy Healing uses a combination of hands-on energy healing (channelling divine light and consciousness through the system of Vortex Healing ®) and guided inner inquiry to release the cause of any imbalance, stress or suffering in our lives at its roots within the psyche and energetic field. A process that can be compared to the analogy of pulling up weeds in the garden, in that, unless we remove and clear an issue at its roots, it will merely keep on growing back in some shape or form.

Within each of us we have an innate ‘healing’ intelligence that constantly works to bring us back into balance, (also known as the process of homeostasis). This means that the natural flow of energy within our systems (or vital energy, qi, chi, life-force, prana, Lüng) always moves in the direction towards health and well-being.

However, whenever we are faced with difficult and painful situations or experiences, we unconsciously attempt to stop the flow of energy in our system in an attempt to wall off and protect ourselves from feeling pain, fear, stress or anxiety. This process creates blockages, distortions, false beliefs and unhealthy patterns of behaviour that drain our system, deplete our vitality and can lead to emotional and mental suffering, physical pain, ill-health and eventually disease.

Through the process of uncovering and releasing these 'blocks' to our health and well-being healing is enabled on all levels, including, emotional and mental well-being, physical health, our relationship with others and spiritual growth. As we go through the healing process our outer life begins to reflect our inner changes, so creating the life that we long to live.

N.B. Energy healing works well with and complements the positive effects of all other types of health care, including orthodox medicine.

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What can I expect from a Session?

Energy Healing . ChakrasEHRI1Awareness
At the beginning of the session there is a period of discussion and evaluation to enable the client to share their story in a safe space and to clarify the issues to be worked on.

Following the initial discussion a variety of hands-on Energy Healing techniques will then be used. This can include phases of passively receiving energy work, therapeutic dialogue/inquiry between client and healer and possibly some emotional release.

This work is carried out with the client seated or lying down fully clothed on a therapy table.

Generally, light touch is applied to the body by the laying on of hands. However, if for any reason this is uncomfortable or unsuitable for you, then the energy work may be carried out with hands held a short distance away from the body.

Inner Enquiry
The relationship between client and energy healer is a collaborative one which enables the client to engage in a profound and insightful journey of exploration and self discovery. As the energy healer guides the client in a process of inner inquiry as to the cause of their condition, this takes the healing deeper and empowers the client in creating their own health and well-being. It is important to note that the process of inner inquiry is never forced and is always taken at the client’s pace in a way that is safe, nurturing and supportive.

Throughout the session Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) may also be used to assist the client in the process of discovering the cause of their condition.

The session is then completed with the infusion of positive energetic qualities such as peace, harmony, love, joy and nurturing. These energies help to ground and integrate the healing work that has taken place. Any guidance received during the session may also be shared.

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How many sessions will I need?

Energy Healing . QuestionEach of us is unique and therefore bring different issues to be worked on. Through the consultation process a treatment schedule to suit your needs can be discussed and agreed. At times one session may be all that is required, however, it is more usual that several sessions are needed. Issues often take months if not many years to develop into problems that then manifest in the form of symptoms, such as emotional distress, worrisome thoughts, relationship difficulties or health concerns, and therefore can take time to be worked through and resolved. If you are experiencing healing for the first time it may take a couple of sessions to allow your system to relax into the process.

Energy Healing Techniques:

Therapeutic Energy Healing techniques that may be used during a session include:

Energy Healing . dontshrink
    divine grace
  • Vortex Healing ®
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Colour Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Counselling & Self-Inquiry
  • Astral Healing
  • Inner Child (including perinatal) Work
  • Relationship Issues & Cord Work
  • Grounding
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Emotional Clearing
  • Belief Clearing
  • Entity Release
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Organ & Spine Repair and Clearing
  • Celestial Infusion
  • Essence Expansion
  • Divine Energy Infusions
  • Distant/remote healing

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