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Energy Healing therapy uses a combination of hands-on energy healing (channelling divine light and consciousness through the system of Vortex Healing ) and guided inner inquiry to support you in your healing journey towards health, happiness and well-being.

Testimonials. candletest5It is with deep gratitude that I share some of the feedback that has been given by those whom I have had the privilege to work with.

The following includes feedback for one-to-one, distant healings and group healing course/workshops;

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After one session with Tina at Heart Essence Healing, having experienced panic attacks for many years they completely disappeared and have remained so for the past two years. (JH, Essex)

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I want to highly recommend Tina to anyone that is aware that there is more to a human being than brains, flesh and bones. I have had many popular therapies over the years, having many issues physical , physiological and emotional – many did help a little but nothing seemed to address everything all together – something was always missing. The moment I met Tina I knew it was a good match. Not only is she a truly rare genuine healer and counselor but it is just who she is as a person – and that you cant learn or gain through any qualification – some people where just born to heal and she is one of them. Since I have been seeing Tina, for about 6 months now, with a very wide range of issues ones that are emotional and physical where physiotherapist , counselor and psychiatrist could only help a little but not cure, I have seen a massive difference in my self and the way I view the world and live my life.

What happens in a session isn’t actually always what you expect to happen it goes much deeper than that. I gelled very well with the energy that comes from vortex healing and its not only physically affected me in a good way but more so emotionally. It is hard to explain in words what it feels like to see yourself and the world in a different way and have that “aha “moment – but that’s what happens. Tina is none – directive, she wont tell you what’s right or wrong – and that’s what I Like- but she does provide a safe space for you to explore your feelings and options and is a channel to an amazing healing / transformative energy that will help you find your own way – and surely that’s the best way- a way that’s right for you . I continue to see Tina once a month now as I am still on my Journey but so far all I can do is sing her praises and confirm that this is the most genuine healer I have come across in my 15 year journey on this path of bettering myself. ( JC Essex. )

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My journey with Tina began 3 years ago when I was 32 years old.

Tina is calm, open and so comfortable to be around and I have been able to share things I have never shared with anyone before, at times the support I have received from her was far beyond what can be expected. In my eyes she is an Angel.

Things had been building up for many years and after my sister died at only 25 years old I think it gave me the final push to go and try something different. I had tried medication, physiotherapy, and hypnotherapy, EFT and so on. When I came to Tina with a long list of physical and emotional issues and traumas, I had little Idea of what would await me, but what little idea I did have was completely wrong.

I can only speak for myself but just like life is a journey so is healing - a journey more worthy of your attention and time than any other. In my journey I have learned how to take care of myself and listen to my body and gut instinct, I discovered things about myself I had never paid attention to before, I was very blessed during my healing journey in ways I could not possibly describe but all I can say is if you are considering working with Tina, there will be a reason why you are drawn in this direction.

These days my life is completely different in almost every aspect and I am grateful for this. Most of all I am grateful that I am and that’s the greatest gift . (jC, Essex)

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"I first went to see Tina when I was stuck in an incredibly difficult personal situation and felt totally unable to move on or make changes to release myself.

Tina's manner made me feel totally at ease (I almost fell asleep at the first session) and she was completely non judgemental. I found myself able to show my emotion in front of her, something that I found hard to do, even to myself. It was as if she had unlocked something inside of me.

After the first session or two I noticed changes; my legs would shake when sitting down; Tina assured me this was natural and was a sign that the energy within me was moving. The other thing I noticed was more self confidence.

After 4 or 5 sessions I found myself in a place where I was ready to deal with things head on, without fear. It felt like the most natural thing to do and a huge weight has been lifted.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to seek help from Tina; she is a most natural and grounded person." (K,S., Essex)

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Tina of Heart Essence Healing is a very beautiful soul who has helped me on a spiritual & physical level. I'm so glad I found her. (J.R. Essex)

"I felt completely destroyed when my dear partner of some 40 years passed on in 2009. My life seemed to be shattered beyond repair. Even after 2 years of bereavement counselling, plus 4 or 5 hypnotherapy sessions, many visits to Christian Cathedrals and Churches, Buddhist Monasteries and various Spiritualist Churches, I was still suffering from terrible uncontrollable grief. All these people were kind, considerate and pleasant to meet and receive help from, but I still felt stuck in the pit of despair, and began to look further afield for help. I discovered Tina and “Heart Essence” on the Internet, and I thought I should contact her to see what she might be able to suggest for me. What a wise choice that turned out to be!

Tina is the warmest and most caring individual you could hope to meet. I went to see Tina at her studio, and felt immediately that there was a strong positive energy around her. Following every healing session I had with Tina, I felt a raising of my spirit and a connection to something more emotionally positive. Slowly at first, but building to a point when I could actually begin to see some light again, I began to feel a healing taking place. It is almost certainly no coincidence that soon I was able to begin rebuilding elements of my life - and rediscover some joy in life - a state of being I could not have possibly imagined in those past 2 and a half years. Yes, I still feel terribly sad at times, but my life has definitely changed, and I now feel that I can move on, and attain happiness again. Thank you so much Tina, and good luck with your wonderful healing talents for the future." (P.D., Essex)

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Despite years of therapy, (after a traumatic childhood) and trying many different avenues, such as nlp, hypnosis, etc I still felt there was something missing, something holding me back from reaching my full potential.

Although I was no longer upset by my past, I still didn't feel like I was fully embracing the now, or my future. I still suffered from elements of self doubt, meaning I wasn't taking the necessary risks to do a career I loved, upsetting conflicts in relationships, which although not constant, definitely felt like a re-occurring cycle and despite being relatively happy, I still felt like there was something more to life, something I was missing. I would read many books on laws of attraction, nlp, reaching your potential, parenting, relationships etc and although they resonated hugely I never really knew how to reach the "nivana" they hinted at!

My work with Tina, has been nothing short of life changing. To find an inner peace, strength and knowing, which I know now has always been there, and we all have, but I just didn't know how to access it, has been the most profound experience of my life.

On my journey and through our sessions, there has been tears and laughter, challenges and great learnings. But whatever the challenge, Tina's warmth, guidance, great wisdom and astonishing gift, has gently guided my path through.

I am incredibly blessed to now say I am truly living the life of my dreams.
The success, wealth, and happiness I so desperately seeked, and yet often eluded me, now feels fully within my grasp and is even reaching heights I would never have even considered. Being guided by my instinct and divine guidance, in every aspect of my life, has taken me to a place I never imagined possible.

That doesn't mean my life no longer has twists and turns and bumps! It does, many! But the strength I now have within and the divine guidance I have access to, makes the twists and turns part of a wonderful adventure. As Tina has so beautifully taught me, not always taking me where I thought I needed to go! but always for my higher purpose. And who would have known, that living from this place and from my heart and not my head (although at first not what I'm used to - I used to constantly try and work out solutions in my head) feels so natural and free and is so much easier too!. This is how I believe we all have the power to live our lives, in beauty and grace and Tina is without fail the most aware and wise beautiful companion on this journey of growth and learning.

Thank you Tina, for helping me find unimaginable beauty and passion in life. You are truly one of earths Angels and I am forever grateful for sharing your divine gift with me. JR, Essex

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"As a student of Energy healing myself, I have found Tina to have a kind and gentle approach, with much skill in making me feel safe, heard and understood. All very necessary components in order to truly engage with the techniques and process that can bring about such deep change and healing. I would highly recommend seeing Tina regardless of what stage you are at, in your own healing journey." (TR., Bishops Stortford)

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"I have achieved more in these sessions than I think I have in any other therapy.

I have been on a quest for self-discovery and personal healing for some years. I was recently diagnosed with a chronic medical condition and was introduced to the concept of Energy Healing by a friend. I arranged to meet Tina for our first appointment in complete ignorance of what was on offer.

From the moment I met Tina, I felt at ease. She is a wonderful listener and a very empathic counsellor. She was also very realistic about what she could offer me, explaining how the therapy worked, and allowing me to move at my own pace. She clearly understands Energy Healing extremely well and I have always felt very secure in her hands.

I have to date had several sessions, Tina has gently led me through each one, never forcing the way forward, but equally allowing me safely to explore different personal issues and challenges.

I have arrived where I am a much stronger, balanced and more insightful woman, who is coming to terms with my condition and learning from it. I hope this will be an on-going relationship with Tina as I'm sure there is yet more to discover, with her help." (H.H., London)

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“My first distant healing session with Tina was a very positive experience. I had no idea what to expect or how it would affect me. Having chatted with Tina before the healing took place I felt very secure and relaxed. After the session I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I experienced the same feeling after each session. I also benefited greatly from the talks I had with Tina and her understanding and intuition. My health has been gradually improving since starting the healing and I feel very positive about getting on top of my health problems. I would have no hesitation in recommending this type of healing." (A.T., Bristol)

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"I would highly recommend these healing sessions to anyone, the healing experience is amazing. Firstly, we had a relaxed discussion about how I was feeling and what I had going on at the time. I was asked to lie down on couch and was covered in a blanket, so I was nice and comfortable. Tina placed her hands on various different parts of my body throughout the healing. At times we were talking about how I was feeling and what was coming up for me throughout the session.

The healing helped me enormously with various different aliments that I had been suffering from and I felt an improvement after the session. Even the talking helped as it made me aware of how I was really feeling at that time and as I was in a safe environment I was able to explore this to enable the healing to start. It helped with my feelings, emotions and physical being.

I went to see Tina with lots of different aliments including M.E., depression, anxiety and IBS and I had also suffered a bad injury to my foot, Tina worked on all of these things.

I feel very fortunate to have had these sessions and it has definitely helped me and I have progressed forward following this healing. They have taken me to a different place as I was able to get in touch with my feelings and move forward, with some help.

It was a very calming experience. It gave me a great sense of inner peace, warmth and calmness and generally helped me with everyday life. I also had some distant healing which was also very peaceful. The whole experience was amazing, I was very relaxed and very much enjoyed it." (L.D., Essex)

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"Tina brings sensitivity and compassion to all aspects of her healing work. She listens carefully and without judgement to what you say and asks you questions that will help you to move forward. Energetically, she works with you to release blocked energy from negative past experiences and holds a space where you can voice your truth." (A.N., London)

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